Give us your Holey Socks!

For decades, charities have been reusing, repurposing and recycling old clothes, footwear, bedding and other textiles.  Every time you donate your used clothing and other textiles instead of placing them in the garbage, you help our member charities help children and families in need.

Your donations:

  • Support our charities’ social programs
  • Provide quality used clothing and other textiles at affordable prices
  • Reduce the amount of waste going to our region’s landfills


The Issue

  • Nova Scotians generate 37,000 tonnes of recyclable textiles every year
  • Only 7,000 tonnes (19%) of our recyclable textiles are actually being reused or recycled
  • Charities can use the money generated from the sale of unwanted textiles to fund social programs and research, and to help the poor
  • When textiles are put in the garbage, charities lose a valuable funding opportunity to support their work in our communities

Our Solution

  • Donate ALL of your unwanted textiles (unless soaked with grease, oil or other hazardous contaminants)!

Find the drop off location nearest you.

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