Bin Management Policy

AFTeR Policy for bins placed on Public and Non-owned Private Property:

  1. HOST PERMISSION – All members will arrange for permission/agreement to place bins on a
    public or private site that is not owned by the member.
  2. BIN IDENTIFICATION – Members’ bins will clearly and prominently display the name of the bin
    owner as well as information on how to contact the owner.
  3. BIN CONSTRUCTION – Members’ bins will be well constructed of a non-porous material to
    ensure integrity of the bin and present a good public image.
  4. CHARITY – Members’ bins will clearly show the legal name and charitable registration of the
    charity involved on the bin.
  5. PLACEMENT – No member will move or relocate other members’ bins.
  6. SITE – The site around and next to members’ bins will be kept clean at all times.
  7. PICK-UP – Regular pickup will be managed by each member.
  8. REGISTRATION and STICKERS – Members will attach an AFTeR sticker on each of their bins to
    show the bin is part of an organization dedicated to high bin standards.

    a. In the event of any problem (cleanliness, complaint, safety issue, accident etc.) a clear
    method of communication will fall into place. Each AFTeR partner will have contact
    information on each bin (see 2 above) for a primary person who will reply to calls/emails
    within a 4 hour period, and who can set a remediation/follow-up plan in place quickly.
    All complaints to be tracked and a photo record of the issue/complaint will be recorded
    when possible, for internal discussion purposes only.

    b. MEDIA INQUIRIES – All media inquiries directed to AFTeR will be redirected to the
    organization in charge. Media inquiries for AFTeR will be coordinated between members
    of the organization and the Executive Director of AFTeR.

    c. WEBSITE – The Executive Director of AFTeR will request quarterly updates on member
    bin locations which will then be uploaded to the website.
  10. COMMUNICATIONS PLAN – AFTeR will actively promote their Bin Policy through contact with
    municipalities, province of Nova Scotia, private property owners, AFTeR website and social
    media. The long term intent is to be recognized as the industry leader in Nova Scotia and to be a
    self-regulating industry association and gain additional membership.

Approved by the Board of AFTeR – March 9, 2021