Clothes Recycling

Clothes Recycling

Clothes Recycling

Clothing is one of the most common items that most people throw into the trash. However, it can be a very good investment if you can repair, reuse, or recycle them. Reusing and repairing clothes is a great way to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan. However, to be able to repair them, you will need to know how to do it.

Donate items to charity.

Clothing is one of the most common items we throw away, and unfortunately, a lot of it ends up in the trash. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to recycle or donate old clothing. Look for a local organization that can reuse or recycle your gently worn clothing, such as a thrift store or a charity shop.

Sell items for cash.

Clothing can be a great source of cash when you sell it. If you have a lot of gently used clothing laying around, you can sell it for cash at a local shop or online to make some extra money. You can even try your hand at selling items at a garage sale or on Craigslist, but be sure that you only sell items that you want to get rid of.

Sell unused clothing items.

Have a bunch of shirts you’re never going to wear again? Don’t just toss them in the trash! Many municipalities offer free or low-cost clothing recycling programs through programs like “Shred with a Purpose” or “Clean Out Your Closets”. You can even sell your unwanted clothing items to a local thrift shop, which will usually pay you a percentage of the resale value.


Clothing recycling is a great way to reduce waste and keep natural resources in use for longer. You can either mail items to a specific drop-off location, like a local department store, or schedule a pickup with a local organization. Often, the organization will pick up your items for free, making it an easy way to get rid of clothing you no longer want.

Sell items to thrift stores.

Clothing that is worn and no longer fits properly can be a challenge for a thrift store to sell. Fortunately, many people are looking for gently used clothing. Don’t just toss those clothes! For clothes that are torn or missing an important piece, they can be turned into something new. You can sell them as is or let your creativity run wild.

Consume less.

Clothing is a fast-growing waste stream. According to the EPA, Americans throw away approximately 68 tons of clothing each year, which is enough to fill a good-sized school bus. In addition, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, textiles are one of the most wasted resources in the US. The good news is that many municipalities have programs to recycle old clothing, and some even allow you to drop off your old clothes to be cleaned at a designated location.

Compost clothing scraps.

When it comes to clothing, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to dispose of them properly. Most people simply toss their used clothes in the trash, but your laundry room and dryer can actually be a great place for your clothes to go. You can compost your clothes if you make the right choice and do so properly.


Clothing can be reused in many ways after the initial wear and tear has ended. Common items that can be re-donated include: shirts, pants, shoes, socks, sweaters, and other pieces of clothing. While some clothing can be reused as is, other items may need to be cleaned before they can be given to a charity or passed on to family members. Common washing processes include washing in cold water, drying with a towel, and then giving the item an additional rinse.

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