Clothing swaps are a great opportunity to catch up with friends and refresh your closet for free. The idea is simple: you and your guests bring clothing and accessories that you no longer want or need to trade or donate.

To ensure your swap is a success, invite friends and family with a good mix of sizes, shapes and styles so everyone has a good selection of items to browse and trade. Alternatively, you could host an “accessories only” swap. Items like scarves, shoes, jewelry and bags are more likely to fit a wide range of people.

Once you’ve settled on a guest list, set some rules for the swap and include them on the invite. Let your guests know how many items to bring to participate, whether the swap is for a particular season, and to ensure that their items are clean and in good shape.

Be sure to follow local gathering limits, or consider hosting your swap virtually using Facebook or Zoom. Set up tables where guests can arrange their items or ask guests to upload pictures of their items to your Facebook event. Establish a dedicated time for guests to browse through items and then let the swapping begin!

At the end of the swap, gather up any leftover pieces and donate them to an AFTeR member. Now it’s time to enjoy your new clothes!

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