Here is One Thing YOU Can Do to Help the Environment

We all want to find the ways we can contribute to the global effort be responsible and improve our treatment of the environment.

The fast fashion industry which has grown to a $96 billion-dollar industry has had a huge influence on society. Many of us now wear clothing for a few seasons and then dispose of it, ready to follow the new trend. And of course our tastes, our bodies and our needs change.

AFTeR members currently help divert 8,000 tonnes of textiles away from landfill and into reuse every year. We want more of those textiles and it can happen with your help!

Much of our clothing is made from polyester or a combination of mixed fibres. Polyester is a petroleum product and doesn’t biodegrade. Yes, just like those plastic bags we are trying to get rid of!

In Nova Scotia we all send about 38,000 tonnes of our waste textiles to our landfills every year even though much of that textile waste can be reused or recycled.

Instead of continuing to send your used clothing to the landfill just take a moment and donate it to AFTeR members (see our donate page). We will make good use of the textiles you no longer use while funding critical programs for Nova Scotians in need.

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