Woman donates warm clothing during clothing drive

Finally, climate change is a worldwide conversation.  However, when we stop and think about it we often wonder ‘how can I make a difference?  What can I do to contribute to change?’  Inaction is frustrating.  When we stop and look at how we use and dispose of things there’s actually a lot we can do.  Did you know Nova Scotia was one of the first provinces to initiate green bin composting, and the recycling of plastics, glass and beverage containers?  Now the province is looking at other large quantities of waste content in the landfill and AFTeR is part of the solution. 

AFTeR is a collaboration of six member organizations that are involved in textile diversion.  Some AFTeR members are for-profit, and some are not for profit.  What they all have in common is textile diversion and making a positive impact on the community.  Our members collect used textiles for resale and reuse, and in doing so help divert more than 7,000 tonnes of textiles each year from Nova Scotia landfills.  The funds raised by AFTeR members go towards critically important programs with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Breast Cancer Foundation, Diabetes Canada, the IWK Foundation and the Salvation Army.  The impact of our work benefits the community AND the environment.  

So how can you help during Waste Reduction Week?  https://wrwcanada.com/en/about/waste-reduction-week-canada.  Think twice about throwing out any textile.  If it’s worn and you’re finished with it, put it in a bag and drop it at a donation centre or in a bin.  We have many locations across the province.  Our members will find a use for your old textiles.  

We all can take action and contribute to change.  By donating textiles as opposed to throwing them out, you will have a positive impact on the environment and our communities!  

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