Reduce your Waste this Holiday Season

Textile waste is a growing concern in Nova Scotia and around the world. We purchase two to three times the amount of clothing we did 10 years ago, which means more unwanted clothing and other household fabrics end up in landfills every year. Most of that waste could be reused or recycled instead.

The holidays generate a lot of extra waste – but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are a few simple ways to make a difference this year:

Shop thrift

Thrift stores are full of high-quality secondhand clothing that make beautiful and unique holidays gifts. Not only will you save money and avoid generating new waste, shopping at local thrift stores also helps support community programs and services.

Recycle, don’t dispose

Recycling your unwanted clothing, bedding, curtains and other fabrics is easy, and items you no longer want can be valuable to someone else. AFTeR members are experts at recovering used textiles for resale or recycling. Funds raised from your donations are used to support the community programs of our local member organizations, so you can feel good about your choice to donate instead of dispose.

Talk to friends and family about the importance of textile diversion

Unfortunately, most Nova Scotians are unaware of how much textile waste ends up in landfills. The majority of these textiles don’t decompose, making textile waste a growing problem. Talk to your friends and family about textile waste, encourage them to shop secondhand for gifts, and let them know about the benefits of donating to AFTeR members. Ready to get started? Use AFTeR’s lookup tool to find a donation site near you.

2 thoughts on “Reduce your Waste this Holiday Season

  1. What I want to know is if the clothing etc. is not in great condition, can the material be used in some other way? for example, a wool sweater with moth holes, or cotton clothing with thin areas, etc. And can synthetic fabrics be used as well?

    1. Hi, as long as it is clean you can donate fabrics. Those items that can no longer be worn can be recycled in other ways. Synthetics as well!

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