At a conference recently I heard a phrase which is so appropriate for today
‘If all partners don’t win, it won’t be sustainable’.

Did you know that on average Canadians throw out 81 lbs of textiles every year? Much of these textiles are clothes we have only worn 5 or 6 times. AFTeR members collect textile donations across Nova Scotia, and with the funds raised we support people in the community. Wouldn’t it be better to donate your clothes & textiles to an agency that can reuse or recycle it? And in doing so the funds raised can go to essential programs such as meals at shelters, diabetes research or mentoring youth? That’s what AFTeR members do – we help divert textiles from landfill and towards causes that benefit communities across Nova Scotia.

10% of what is in Nova Scotian landfills is textiles. This is a sad example of our current Take, Make, & Waste economy. This is a linear system that our planet cannot sustain. There is a new way to think about our resources and our environment and economy – a sustainable economy. In a sustainable or circular economy the valuable resources continue to be reused. This is much better for our environment and our future. AFTeR members support this sustainable approach, and in doing so we help divert textiles out of the landfill. So please help us DIVERT, DONATE and DO GOOD. With your support we can go a long way in developing a sustainable solution.

We all will win!

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